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Is Montdys Legit? 2022 Montdys Reviews

abdul.malik August 5, 2023

Is Montdys Legit — Nowadays there are many online sites that sell various products that we need.

But unfortunately, there are also many online buying and selling sites that actually sell inappropriate items, or in other words, the website is a scam.

Well, this time we will discuss one of the websites that sell lawn mowers. There are quite a number of potential customers who question the authenticity of this site.

Is Montdys Legit
Is Montdys Legit

So is Montdys legit? or is it a scam?

Montdys Website at a Glance

Montdys (montdys.shop) is an online website that sells various products that can be used outdoors, such as lawn mowers, umbrellas, mountain binoculars, ladders, and tumblers.


Some Characteristics of the Montdys Website You Need to Know

Here are some detailed information about the Montdys website that can be taken into account regarding the authenticity of this

  • site: Site URL address: https://www.montdys.shop/ 
  • Email address: support@montdys.shop 
  • Contact details: not available
  • Social Media Links: not available
  • Physical address: 6839 Askew, Kansas Town, US, MO, 64132
  • Payment method options: Visa, PayPal, American Express and others
  • Shipping Policy: Long delivery time is about 4 to 7 days (using traditional shipping methods)
  • Return Policy: Product returns maximum 30 days after the product is shipped.

Montdys Website Legal Details

Here are some details about the Montdys website that can be used as a reference whether this site is legitimate or suspicious like other scam sites:

  • Trust Score: This Montdys Website/Shop only has a total trust score of 1%. This score is so low that it is hard to believe and should be avoided
  • Registrar: This website is registered through GoDaddy.com LLC
  • Registration Time: 22 June 2022, which means this site is less than 4 months old
  • Expired Date: This site will expire on 20 June 2023
  • Reviews from customers: No reviews were found on the Montdys site, this further adds to the suspicion that this site is not legitimate.

Some Positive and Negative Points About the Montdys Website

Positive Points

Some positive things about this site are:

  • This site provides complete information on shipping, payment and return policies
  • Has email address information 
  • Has a physical office address.

Negative Points

Some negative things that exist on this site and only reinforce that this site is a scam:

  • No contact information on the site
  • No social media links 
  • No reviews from customers about their products, from some of the products on the website, no none of which has
  • a very low trust score review (only 1%).


With the age of the site being less than 4 months old, the trust score only touched 1%, and many other suspicious things made us doubt this site. 

We recommend that you continue to be careful when shopping on websites that do not have complete information.

What do you think, is the Montdys website Legit or Scam?

Originally posted 2022-10-15 21:17:04.